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Occupational health and safety is something that affects all of us as we go about our jobs.  Some occupations are ostensibly more dangerous than others, but health and safety awareness is something that should be part of every company’s culture.

There are legal obligations we must all adhere to – most commonly known are those under the Health and Safety At Work Act (1974) and its subsequent amendments.  But all have a moral duty to work safely and ensure our own safety and that of our colleagues.  This is true whether you’re an employer or employee.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is committed to promoting health and safety.  IOSH believe everyone has the “right to a healthy and safe working environment”.

IOSH provide guidance to help everyone take “sensible and practical” steps towards a healthy and safe working environment.

Each year, approximately 150,000 employees gain an IOSH health and safety training qualification.  And these courses aren’t just for health and safety professionals – they’re for anyone interested in creating a safe working environment.

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