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The Benefits of Bringing Health and Safety Skills In-House

Managing Health and Safety with NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses

The requirement to meet health and safety obligations may leave you paying excessive costs for external consultants. With NEBOSH General Certificate London courses, you can bring those skills in-house at a reasonable price and save on long-term costs.

Bring Health and Safety Skills In-House and Save Costs

With RISK Health and Safety’s highly recommended NEBOSH General Certificate London courses, you or a competent member of staff can achieve a widely recognised qualification that provides your business with the ability to manage health and safety effectively within a low risk environment.

Successfully controlling risk is better accomplished when it is fully integrated with all aspects of the business from human resources to environmental factors. That’s why having a dedicated and qualified health and safety employee available each day can improve the chances of success and vastly reduce the likelihood of incidents.

By attending a NEBOSH General certificate London course with RISK Training, your business will benefit from:

  • Improved understanding of key legal elements
  • Focused control methods for workplace hazards and risks
  • Application of safe systems of work, reporting and communication
  • The identification of risks and managing solutions


With this 5 year certificate, you can be confident that not only are you suitably investing in health and safety for your business, but saving costs associated with long term use of external consultants, reducing insurance premiums as well as helping to avoid massive costs from legal battles and injury payments.

Achieving Your NEBOSH Qualification with RISK Training


RISK’s NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses are carried out at a convenient location in London St. Pancras and involve a unique fast track learning approach that incorporates your workplace environment and support from a dedicate learning adviser to ensure you can quickly and effectively pass your exam and achieve your qualification.

To view the wide range of dates available for NEBOSH General Certificate London training, simply visit the NEBOSH General Certificate London Course page or for all other health and safety training, visit Risk Health and Safety.