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The Cost Benefits of Good Health and Safety Training

The benefits of good health and safety training go beyond the feel-good factor of having a safety-aware workforce in your business.  There are other cost benefits too.

According to figures from the Health and Safety Executive, investment in health and safety training is a great way to proof your business against significant future costs.

In 2012 the Health and Safety Executive estimated that 28.2 million work days were lost due to work injury in the UK.  The potential effect of lost days on productivity and profitability are not too difficult to imagine.

The HSE also found that in the same year, health and safety failures cost UK business a total of £13.2bn – a huge sum and particularly unwelcome during  difficult economic times.

Some of this figure is the cost of damage to equipment and property through accidents.  So as well as losing work days, your business’s other assets could also be lost or out of action.  This could result in a reduction of the company’s ability to generate income and fulfil order commitments, which can have far-reaching effects.

Fines and other penalties can also be applied for serious health and safety breaches.

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