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NEBOSH Helping to Maintain Current Health and Safety Standards

NEBOSH General Certificate London Course Sets Foundation 

Whatever changes in UK health and safety legislation may take place after Brexit, its still important to ensure the safest possible environment for workers through appropriate training such as  NEBOSH General Certificate London based courses.

Why NEBOSH General Certificate London Based Training Is Still Useful

Although many of UK Health and Safety regulations are based on EU directives, it’s still important to remember that it’s highly unlikely the UK government would jeopardise current standards or reduce the importance of reducing risk within the workplace.

With the requirement to give at least two years’ notice to withdraw from the EU, it’s more than likely that existing health and safety requirements will continue to apply for a while – which means that it’s still important to ensure your business is compliant and has access to a good understanding of health and safety legislation.

Your local NEBOSH General Certificate London based training course is extremely useful if providing your staff with a foundation in the understanding of health and safety legislation whatever the sector or industry that you work in. With our NEBOSH General Certificate London course providing training in how to keep up with changes in legislation, a trained employee with a NEBOSH qualification could be the answer you need to help your business identify new regulations and remain compliant.

To learn more about the costs, benefits and local London venue for sending a responsible staff member on our NEBOSH General certificate London course, simply visit the NEBOSH General Certificate London course page or for all other health and safety courses visit Risk Health and Safety Training.