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Addressing Daily Challenges with SSSTS London Training

SSSTS London Training Tackle Site Supervisor Challenges 


When you're a London construction site supervision, your role isn't as straightforward as delivering a toolbox talk and hoping for the best. This is why many construction site supervisors choose to complete an SSSTS London course.

Addressing Daily Challenges with SSSTS London Training

As part of the two-day SSSTS London training (CITB Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme), Supervisors will learn how to deal with difficult issues that challenge their role day to day including:

  • Ensuring workers comply to health and safety instructions
  • Knowing the level of supervision for younger or inexperienced workers
  • Providing effective communication between workers and management
  • Dealing with unwanted behaviour


SSSTS London courses are designed to address the many challenges that supervisors face and deliver that essential training so that supervisors on construction or civil engineering sites can meet that high level of accountability and ensure a strong culture of safety on site.

With tutors that also work in the same environment, site supervisors who choose RISK Health and Safety for their SSSTS London training can be sure of receiving great advice and effective methods from people that also work ‘in the real world’ and understand the pressures of a site.

This means supervisors can receive practical, relevant answers to concerns and questions; with advice on how best to tackle daily challenges to get the best of workers and contractors for high health and safety standards.

So for that extra confidence in meeting your health and safety obligations as a construction site supervisor, you can rely on SSSTS London training to provide the knowledge and skills required.  

To learn more about the information contained in our 2 day SSSTS London courses and where they are held, simply visit our SSSTS London course page for forthcoming dates.

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